A case for Freedom!

I was playing PES6 last night as usual in the Master League, I had a situation where my right midfielder Nicolita had the ball close to the right touch-line just in side the opposition half and I was on a breakaway from a corner, my options were Higuain running through the middle but tightly marked or Silva who was totally unmarked on the left making a run.

Now what I wanted to do was to send a lotfed ball just ahead of Silva to run onto, pressing the long pass button would have just sent it across field and onto his chest, holding up play and stopping the break.

What I tried was to hold down the LB button (Playing using the 360 controller) and holding directly up into Silva’s position while pressing the through ball button, hoping this would send the lofted through ball into Silva’s path for a one on one with the keeper.

However the game interpreted that I wanted to pass to Higuain, the defender was already goal side so ran onto the through ball and cleared the danger.

It was then I thought it was time to move on.

Playing the game last night I kept on thinking that maybe I would have liked to play that ball inside the left back rather than outside and maybe rather than having to used the through ball option when wanting to run onto the ball maybe I could have used the pass button to create an opening, it maybe has too much of an emphasis on the through ball to create whereas if you watch Xavi for example he spreads the play with passing to create space.

Thinking of PES2011 I am hoping this creative and more free passing will mean no game ever plays the same, I hope there is nothing to exploit and no sure-fire way of confusing the opposition.

A lot of people are calling for a button to send a player on a run as in FIFA, however I see that as lazy programming from EA, as part of the players stats is awareness and positioning, this should be the deciding factor in whether Craig Bellamy for example decides to make his move anticipating the perfect ball for him to run onto.

I am opposed to the rainbow flick in the new game and will most likely not employ that in my skill set, I have only seen it attempted once by Jay-Jay Okocha for Bolton and then by Ossie Ardiles in Escape to Victory.

I am also hoping that that although Konami acknowledge the (reported by WENB and godisageek.com) keeper AI being an issue I really hope they have time to resolve this, playing Blue Samurai on the Wii is a terrific game let down by the Goalkeeper AI, in my last post I put this down to the possibility that the Wii version of these games are dumbed down to help control with the wiimote but it really is a game breaker, admittedly this game was developed by Greyhound Studios. For me the reference should be PES6 for the goalkeeping, more times than not the are superhuman seemingly but you always feel you have the advantage which a good forward should.

My hopes for PES2011 is to be entirely frustrated with the game when it is first released, I want it to punish my lack of skills, I want to not be able to score for hours as I look forward to that moment when everything does click together it releases the same type of Euphoria which can only be compared to Neo when he realised he was pretty awesome in The Matrix.

Feel free to discuss.


6 Responses to A case for Freedom!

  1. Gav says:

    Really nice post.
    I can’t wait to get hold of PES2011 and have the freedom to play a ball ahead of an attacker etc. It will be great.

    I laughed out loud when i read “I am opposed to the rainbow flick in the new game and will most likely not employ that in my skill set, I have only seen it attempted once by Jay-Jay Okocha for Bolton and then by Ossie Ardiles in Escape to Victory”

  2. J says:

    I feel the same way. i want to have a gave that will irritate the pants off me until one day, probably a month later when its just going to click. The last few incarnations of PES have frustrated me, but completely alternate reasons! Good article.

  3. pesevolves says:

    Thanks guys, on reflection I am a bit harsh on EA though, lazy programming wasn’t the best words to use, just lack of team/individuality understanding.

  4. Michael says:

    nice article although I would prefer the fonts of it to be done in a toy story style

  5. chaos says:

    good article, well thought. Nicolita is amazing, btw 😉
    I have that same problem with pes2010 that the AI is interpreting my through balls completely wrong.
    I hope that this is gone in PES 2011. And I’d love to relearn the perfect game.

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