Calm before the Storm!

Amid all the positivity of the previews and playtests the Konami have organised I would still try to advise long term fans to try to keep their expectations reasonable.

I don’t think this can be the best PES game yet but it can be the foundations on which the best PES football game ever can be made.

Konami have in effect started something brand new, not built upon PES2010, graphically yes but gameplay wise is a new baby called “Freedom”, in the blog previously I have alluded to why this is the way forward for the series but the reason I am cautious is because this cannot be road tested in two games, three hours or even five minutes (looking at you IGN).

The time for reflection will be in November/December when we are all Neo (sorry first time readers, I am a Matrix fan) and have ploughed through ten seasons of Master League, we will all be reading stories on the blogs and forums about fans arguing that the game is broke because of stated examples while others will debate that even more.

The Master League should be what reviews are based on in my opinion, covering a career where player form and injuries determine the way you playing and forcing you to learn how to play different tactically, that in short, is football.

Another reason for calm is understanding, the gaming press do not have the time to put together a fair review of sports games, on FIFA 10 last year this was gaining 90-100% from websites and magazines (91 average on the words I read were “Manager Mode has 50 changes this year” but they never actually played this part, they were not allowed to in the build they were given, strange that this mode also had 73 bugs attached to it then and only half a dozen or so could be patched, so that is a broken mode, one which I played for two months and it killed the game in effect for me, the biggest bug was when you moved to manage another club you would be rewarded with -2.5 billion to spend!  I have already mentioned the game on the pitch on the previous post.

Funny thing is as well I am possibly coming across as an EA hater, to clarify nothing could be further from the truth, I have bought every game since FIFA 08 and spent a lot of time with them which is why I am frustrated it is seen in the light it is.

To add to this EA have also created one of the best sports titles I have ever played in NHL 10, this is almost perfection and this again raises my point, I knew very little about the sport, struggled to hell with the pace and controls for at least a month and then it just had that certain something I can only compare to what Konami once did, at least if both football titles don’t hold my attention this year I can fall back on NHL 11!

What makes that Konami did previously with PES is remarkable, they did not have the forum support then that they do now so in effect they were just making the game they wanted to make, it took them five attempts to reach PES5, the peak if you will, this is now their fourth attempt since then, hopefully PES2011 will become the experience where the majority of the hardcore fans agree this is the direction they should be going.

Just for fun I am predicting right now a metacritic rating of 82 for PES2011 and 92 for FIFA 11!


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