Stadium Editor – Konami’s Trump Card?

Going to this post with  nothing officially confirmed but some whispers about what the new Stadium Editor can do has me drooling.

What I hope it will do is allow every team in the game to at least have their own stadium custom-built, I hope this can happen, space should only be an issue if your particular console’s hard drive does not have enough room so I will let my mind wander for now.

What this could do is wonders for the PES community as a whole, not just the many talented and dedicated editors who release countless patches and keep the game up to date in both stadia and kits.

What I hope the stadium editor will do is allow separate files for each stadium whereas much like a sticker album you can download and insert into an empty slot, if everyone could create their own team’s stadium and share on the web or even out in the real world by giving their friend a USB stick for example and import into their game it could really lift the whole community and swell the numbers.

Fan sites could even run a competition on the best stadiums as voted for by their readers.

Another thing on my wish list but probably will not be in the game is when starting with the default Master League players you have a bit of a barren stadium to reflect this, say a capacity of 12-15,000 and when you earn money you have the choice to buy players and improve your team, such players may also take the poor quality of your stadium into consideration and reject you.

You then have the ultimate choice, use your money to buy slightly better players or use the money you earn to improve the stadium’s capacity or even buy a brand new stadium which could potentially have been uploaded (remember this is going to be online Master League too), which although slowing down your transfer activity will then reap the rewards later in the game, new sponsors could also be a part of this increasing revenue.

You could buy new stand’s, executive boxes, pitches, which would take a lot of money at first but would attract a richer supporter so you could increase your ticket prices, I am a little too excited myself just thinking of this (thinks of Mrs Mangle from Neighbours, better now).

I would also love a lack of enthusiasm to reflect the default players and stadium, ie what supporters do attend the stadium are not very vocal, something that has never been in a PES game, which always has a loud atmosphere no matter where you play.

So, it could most likely to turn out to be wishful thinking but as usual I am interested in hearing your thoughts.


2 Responses to Stadium Editor – Konami’s Trump Card?

  1. Tuananh says:

    I love all of your ideas. They are also the wishes that come to my mind when they introduce Stadium Editor. 🙂
    The pes community is strong and if this tool enables players to share their works, it’ll be brilliant.

    If you dont mind, may I illustrate some of your ideas (with credit and quote) to use in my project ” PES 2012 – wishlist” .

    You may need to take a look at my thread made for PES2010 here:

    thank you. Keep your good work up 🙂

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