I’m talking with the man in the mirror!

After playing around 60 games on the demo the evil me decided to venture back to this review and argue with the good me on the wholly positive points that were made.

“Now if you want to know anything you don’t already about the menu’s then feel free to ask but I didn’t spend much time with them, instead choosing to goto an exhibition match, picking my beloved (but at this time beloathed) Merseyside Blue against Fat Sam’s team Lancashire.”

Question: You say your beloathed Merseyside Blue, didn’t they just come back from 3-1 down in injury time to draw against Man United?

Answer: That is off topic but yes, yes they did.

“First thing was the camera panning back and you will be pleased to know I wasn’t having any of the tracking issues I found during fast exchanges, the reason, it was on Wide cam, fear not, it is there!”

Question: Listen now, you said wide cam was there but it still feels zoomed in when I play the demo!

Answer: I agree, I thought the build I played it seemed more zoomed out, I may be wrong but I did notice this and try and change it in the demo right away.

“Another thing that struck me immediately was the true 360 movement, it may have just been me not used to the PS3 pad for this game fully as I spend most of my gaming time with the Xbox pad, it was very difficult to stay in a straight line, I pointed this out straight away to Steve.”

Question: But I have read magazines since which tell me it is only 8 directions! so you are lying!

Answer: Well no, it is definitely 360 degree movement, these magazines and websites are clearly playing a build that was previous to even the build that the beta showed, if it existed that is.

“Secondly after passing the ball about there does not seem to be that remote control ball to foot curl I noticed at times in the beta, an almost artificial assistance that ensured short passes would find their man, short passes appear just like old with the added control of the power and angle should you wish to play the ball in space, passing seems less powered than the beta, you can easily underhit the pass and also what some considered to be an exploit which was to free the striker with one full powered pass down the centre never happened once, you can hit him but it was far less powerful on full power and the defenders were positioned correctly anyway.”

Question: Ok, you never explained this very well!

Answer: I really did not, it is almost the key feature of the game and one to be lauded, the best way I can describe it, to tap the pass button and hold that direction would see the pass go to the player, that is the same as always, the big change though is what happens when you hold a direction and then hold the pass button will send the ball manual in that direction unless a player is where you pointed the left analogue stick, in short, tap pass to goto player, hold to go manual.

“The worrying issue was I won my first game very easily, breezing past players, AI standing off and could easily shoot from outside the box, I even scored a soft goal from outside the box with Cahill as my first goal, but I wasn’t impressed, the good thing though was that the difficulty was on Regular, so changed that right away, was going to show off and go straight to Top Player but decided against it as Professional (4 stars of old) always eased me in without letting me exploit it, the change was immediate the following game as long shots were charged down easily when I was not making space and they have a new urgency when attacking your goal, but I was still doing well enough to scrape by one goal advantages.”

Question: OI! I can attack no problem without pressure close to the corner, I have no problem sending a cross in no matter what difficulty!!!!

Answer: This I agree with, it is too easy to breeze past a player to send a cross in, even when holding the ball in the corner no pressure is applied, this needs to be looked at.

“Goalkeepers are terrific now, commanding their area and not allowing soft near post goals, I only scored one long range goal and one moment when I thought the goalie was at error I checked the replay and he was wrong footed and could not adjust in time, just like real life, and they also come off their line when the situation demands it, due to the feedback from the beta I wonder if they may have been made too good, but time will tell.”

Question: I think you are telling fibs on this too

Answer: Well, since first playing the demo I have noticed that the keepers appeared to parry the ball more seemingly than the build I played, to the point I have asked for clarification on a few points that the build I played was the same as the demo version, this has been clarified to be the same so I am not sure what it was, maybe because I was trying too many easy shots for the keeper to save easily that day because I was not as tuned to the game I am now, not that I am saying the keepers are bad now, just I feel less confident in their abilities than I initially thought, saying that I can honestly say I have never seen a glitch/bug from the keepers yet and they still do a good job, just at the time I played and compared to the beta they felt superhuman, now they just feel human.

“I was critical of the new defending system but more time with this and I found it useful, gave away quite a few fouls by sticking a leg in too early but did manage to block and intercept a few times, it will be something to master over four weeks not four hours though.”

Question: Still giving away easy fouls you amateur?

Answer: No! Many people are not going to get this system so I will tell you how to work it, you must hold X with the left stick on a straight line facing back towards your goal, not diagonally down, but spirit level back to your goal, it does work and very effectively, even when Messi dribbled towards me then away I deliberately held back just to test and even though he did concede that initial ground for a second when Messi turned back he still stuck close to him and made the tackle, the one downside so far is using this method to me seems to have an almost artificial speed catch up, when the striker should be clear my defender does seem to be able to catch up a little too easy, maybe the AI should have realised they were clear and sprinted into space more, will have to see on multiplayer games how this affects things.

“Trick wise I did not have the rainbow flick in my preset tricks so honestly could not try this to see if it has been remedied in time, hopefully if it has not then it will be something that can be patched up in time for release, the demo next week you will be able to see this anyway so I am not holding any information back about this.”

Question: What about now or still ducking behind “I did not try them”?

Answer: Yes and so have lots of people, you can do the rainbow flick, but not over and over as far as I can tell, the opponent was wise to this.

“One thing I should also point out I never actually messed with any tactics apart from changing formations for a game when I was going through a slump but when I was 1-0 down in a match in the last 10 minutes of the match and my team made a very visible move up the pitch to squeeze the play and push for the equalizer, this was done on its own so I am not sure if it assigned to that team tactically by default or this genuinely happens no matter what but I thought it was an excellent touch and really increased the urgency.”

Question: Oh isn’t that convenient that you didn’t mess around with the tactics, more like they don’t work, pah!

Answer: Yes, this was something that should have been covered more but due to only having 4 hours time with the game I thought it best to play more, however I have delved deeper into the tactics since playing the demo and I can say they are a massive aspect of the game, especially if you need to change things, an example was I was having no luck with Bayern vs Barca, they were containing me easily and a serious lack of threat going forward, so decided at half time to move Van Bommel back to DMF pushing up Schweinsteiger into a more advanced role, I then changed player support and support range to 15/20, the difference was dramatic, Lahm and Badstuber supported the attack more and I was able to control possession up the field more, pulling Barca players out of position, I now default my formation with Bayern to this.

“For my last two games before leaving I tried the Copa Libertadores mode, whereas the main menu’s in the normal game modes are dark backgrounds with pictures of Messi and your team in ML mode the Copa Libertadores is bright and warm, a white background with an orange/red swirl through the middle of the screen and of course some south american music to accompany this.

Before kick off the change in atmosphere is apparent, it is bright with confetti streaming down, flares in the stands, different advertisement boards and the crows chanting natively.”

Question: Yes, but where are the flares and confetti once the match starts?

Answer: Yes, it does stop when the match starts, would have been nice to see flares spark up when a goal was scored but oh well.

There was a couple of small niggles I pointed out, which happened twice was when crossing the ball the cursor selected my man at the back post, but the man that was AI controlled at the front post headed the ball on its own accord, also another slight niggle which happened twice in 17 or so games was an underpowered slightly floaty shot which felt as if the keeper would have had more than enough time to reach actually travelled in the goal, these were not in any way game breaking but I thought I should mention amid all the positivity as you may be thinking I have taken a bung!

Question: So come on then Spin Doctor, anything else?

Answer: Well yes, the whole crossing system for me is a major frustration at the moment, I mentioned the cursor choosing the wrong player, it seems if there is two players in the box the cursor automatically selects the furthest away player, the issue with this is the man at the near post does seem to take over and take the shot on himself, if he scores you feel no satisfaction as you never actually did anything, you might say to change the cursor then but this is almost impossible because I feel the balls (when tapped once or double tapped) are being driven in too hard and fast (oo’er) so trying to change the cursor is void since I cannot slow down time (yet), also despite all the new animations in the game I feel the crossing animations of which I feel there are only two become stale after a while.

Referees are not playing the advantage rule, its that simple and it is frustrating.

Goalkeepers are still only able to short pass to that one defender, the online community will be frustrated at this.

Revised Summary

Despite the above frustrations I will stand by what I said, this is the game that the fans have been asking for, it is going to be my most played game easily this year, I am unsure if a patch can fix the above so I will focus on the positives and provide the feedback with the rest of the community for next years game, which now has an outstanding platform to build on.


4 Responses to I’m talking with the man in the mirror!

  1. trunker says:

    good follow up piece – always tough to call pes after 4 hours so well you both 🙂 off the hook on the camera & keepers but hope the traditional wide cam is in the final build, won’t play the xbox demo till after work but will find out first hand if keepers have got a clue since MLO.

    • pesevolves says:

      Thanks for the reply, I am convinced it was different to the code I played, but then I am also convinced the PC, XBOX and PS3 demos are different to each other, don’t even get me started on the Winning Eleven demo, this is a nice nightmare to have, haha.

  2. dRonie says:

    Hi pesevolves, just wanted to say that after playing Winning Eleven 2011 (PS3) demo, I think it is based on a much similar code to the one you have played before the PES demo. I mean keepers are much better, the referees do seem to play more the advantage rule, and there is more continuous play. For me it is a much more polished and recent version than Pes 2011 (PS3) demo, what are your thoughts?

    • pesevolves says:

      I only had one quick game but I felt the same, for me the WE2011 demo had better lighting and some slight differences in animations, such as the shot fake animation, more exxagerated and obvious on WE, it also felt slightly faster on default 0 too, I am getting a new PS3 tomorrow so will play it some more as my old profile is currently on a memory stick.

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