Reviewers and the Casual Gamer

So last week the general gaming public on XBOX Live (Gold) and PSN got their hands on PES and FIFA for the time this year, for me the results were always predictable.

Now for me FIFA can still can be exploited with a one-two, ping pong passing is still there despite the clever Jedi Mind Trick they have done in slowing down the passing to enable the opponent to intercept, on reflection though I suppose that is all they could have done really and also the biggest gripe with me is that the game itself is played in either attacking third exclusively, there is no midfield, there is no need for a midfield as the pitch itself still feels on the small side so passing from defender to attacker is what happens as a rule, rather than you making it so.

The “Personality+” was a feature they were introducing to add more individuality to the game, the worrying thing for me was when they showed how they planned to do this was in one area, a player either has a trait “High Skill” or “Low Skill”, which when I played it confirmed my fears, there is two types of player now, High and Low Skilled, nothing to divide them but that, High Skill control the same way and Low Skill the same way, John Terry can still pass as accurately as Frank Lampard, you get the idea.

What I must commend them on though is the newer slow pace to the game which feels like they are at least listening to their forum feedback who have been asking for this since FIFA 09 and also player specific animations, particularly C.Ronaldo and Cesc Fabregas, this looks stunning as do the animations in general, they all do look like they are 22 individuals from an aesthetic standpoint and makes me wonder just how many animations PES2012 would require just to catch up with them.

Despite the negativity pointed out it actually plays a really nice game of football, more rooted in an arcade experience despite what you may read but an enjoyable alternative with the shooting and as mentioned before the animations in particular shining through and as always with an EA title outstanding production values, currently loving their NHL 11 game right now, why oh why did they have to release all these sports now!

Now onto PES 2011, within the PES community who have been keeping tabs on the blogs, forums each day and knowing what each new feature is, what new controls they were going to have to become accustomed to the demo has on the whole been a massive success, sure there are grumbles and moans but nowhere close in my opinion to what has occurred the last few years, in fact if 90% were negative on the last three games I would guess 90% are now positive with 2011.

However, the issue which I knew would arise and I tried warning people was once the casual gamer on non PES forums got their hands on it and even those who played it last in 2006 would not like it, the reason? because it’s not the game they loved back then.

Biggest complaints were “the passing is terrible and it has a mind of its own”, “there are too many fouls, its impossible to tackle”, “the shooting is too weightless”, “nobody is making forward runs”, “the defending is non existent”, and you know what? that is true, you know why? because they have absolutely no idea how to work the game, something should have been put together prior to the release to say: “Hey we have a new defending system, you cannot just hold X and press sprint any more”, hopefully you get the point.

Now what was also predictable was because now there is “The Best Football Game Ever 10/10 – OPM” as an alternative some people do not want to like PES again, comments such as “played a half, crap, deleted it” are all too common and are spreading negativity and if you don’t think Magazines, blogs and the like look at forums to find out what the general public are thinking of a certain game before going live with a review then you are naive, what people forget is that when FIFA was terrible these same people took the time to learn Pro-Evo and then fall in love with it, the people who are slating PES now remind me of me back 6-7 years ago with every new iteration and me declaring they had broken a perfectly good game, when in reality, I sucked at it.

I wonder what my impressions would have been after my 4 hour playtest at Konami had I not played and got good at the Master League online beta, the same as those instantly dismissing it?

So in my opinion as PES fans we know the game will not be critically the best and nor should it be, it should receive mostly 70-80%, for me it is an absolutely incredible and deep game but the foundations to make PES2012 almost untouchable are there, they have a year to do it and I think it can be done, especially when you compare the BETA to the Demo and what was achieved in a couple of months between the codes.

FIFA will always be the critics sweetheart, they have made it clear all they are interested in with any of their games is a Metacritic score above 90 so they are trying to please the press who have to make up their minds within hours, hell if I had to score FIFA after a day or two it would receive 90% from me then a month down the line after you have figured it out I would give it 60%, whereas Konami are aiming to win the fans back and for me that is more reason to be optimistic as we know in 6 months time we should all be still posting our video clips from the game with pride.


5 Responses to Reviewers and the Casual Gamer

  1. juza says:

    So is the “jog” bug in the demo sorted out?



    • pesevolves says:

      Hi, I can’t say that much about the game until October 1st but yes it is sorted out, tried it on top player and got tackled each time, conceding two goals!

      • juza says:

        thanks for your quick reply. I appreciate all your efforts to spread your thoughts about this wonderful “little” masterpiece.

        I wish you all the best.


  2. Isso says:

    @pesevolves Glad to know that I’m not the only one who thinks that you have to put the effort in when playing PES2011. I agree with all that you mentioned about FIFA and PES. FIFA will probably outsell PES again but for me, Konami have kept their word this time. They said they’re gonna make a game for the hardcore fans and judging by the demo, they actually did. Glad to know that the ‘jog bug’ is gone too. I feared that it will reappear in the final game since Jon Murphy stated that the demo reflects the final code (or something along those lines). This is my first time on this site and I like what I see. Keep it up.

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