PES 2012 – Hopes and Dreams

Hello all and happy new year to you, apologies for neglecting the blog but hopefully I can post a little more now.

As you are aware I did have the chance to play PES 2011 early and post my impressions here, I was actually invited to a meeting to discuss PES 2012 back in September but sadly the meeting was cancelled, I still emailed the ideas to Jon Murphy though and he said he has fed that back to Japan HQ, please note it was a bit of a rush as I was only given a couple of days to think up some things so alot of the ideas required expanding on in the meeting, so just thought I would upload my initial thoughts based on the ML Beta, 4 Hours full game play and my experience of football and football games in general, as always happy to hear feedback.

PES 2012 – Gameplay Improvements

• New animation never done before in football games but quite common, the sidefoot volley lob, think Berbatov vs Chelsea Charity Shield 2010 (discuss in meeting how this would be triggered)

• Move for wingers or skilful attackers in the right situation to be able to first touch lift a bouncing ball over an opponent (discuss more in meeting)

• Less scissor kicks outside box

• Tweak player off the ball running to stop players standing still (but not implement a player run feature, discuss in meeting)

• More crossing animations, player specific, this could be done with Beckham etc in the older games, also more types of crosses, outside foot, driven

• Defenders to have more intelligence depending on who they are facing, back off Aaron Lennon so he doesn’t sprint past, force players onto their least preferred foot

• AI man marking your team, if you have a dangerman, like a Scholes, Arteta, Messi then the opposition would employ someone to stifle them

• Long passing by star players such as Fabregas, Scholes, Pirlo, Xavi, Iniesta to be more low, driven and pinpoint

• Important goals – team celebration rather than player, so the team will drag the player down to the ground and dive on him

• Be able to tweak your formation to a point where you advise how many players you would want to counter attack on a given move, think Germany with Ozil, Podolski, Muller all running in parallel

• Remove the Select (Back) and Button press to trigger tactics and make it more intuitive (discuss how in meeting)

PES 2012 – Graphical Additions

• The referees behind the goal on European matches

• Kits to become wet and muddy

• Camera men (Behind Goal) to follow action (not if it affects framerate)

• Crowd to become more interactive (example – when ball is out for corner cut scene shows 3-4 fans encouraging corner taker – or not being so nice)

• Subs warming up (possibly behind goal or always in corner only if it does not affect framerate)

• Ball boy behind goal (not all arenas) but will celebrate if home team scores

• Manager on sidelines – from the calm to the hyperactive

• Fans reaching out for players if celebrating near stands

• Stadiums to reflect the team popularity, ie Wigan, Blackburn, empty seats, Man United, Chelsea, full stadium

PES 2012 – Sound Additions

• More real time atmosphere – if you are losing or not creating chances the crowd is subdued, if you then fire off a shot which goes for a corner, expectations rise and crowd roar encouragement, playing poorly at home and only creating a couple of chances then the crowd boo at half time/full time, also if you lose or draw against a team ranked worse than you.
Crowd to appreciate tackles more by applauding them.
Crowds to be louder when there is a big cup game or an important game. (discuss more in meeting)
Muted away goal celebrations (discuss more in meeting)

• When an opposition player injures one of your players the home crowd will boo his every touch for either a period or the rest of the game, the crowd could also boo a player that dives or a referee that does not give a foul (the commentary could also point out the referee is getting stick), what could be possible is for crowds to also boo players from the start (discuss more in meeting)

• More localized goal celebrations, whether scoring a goal in England, Italy, Spain, Germany they all have different ways of roaring when a goal goes in.

• Stadium atmosphere to reflect the team playing in terms of how much do they sing, are they subdued until the team plays well (discuss more in meeting)

New Idea –

• From a offline gallery record upto 20 seconds (less in slow motion) and upload to the new in game interface

• You can rate the goals in terms of stars and browse these in terms of score

• Friends on your list can message you in this new interface to advise they have a new video for you to watch

• After an online game you can save the highlights to Hard Drive and record parts from that so as to not to delay a match or infuriate your opponent, this could really have some excellent bragging rights in the community

• Konami community representative or community itself to view the goals and decide on the goal of the month earning a prize

PES 2012 New Idea Master League Hardcore

The following would be massively appreciated by the “Hardcore” fans, a mode which will last them until the following release and they will appreciate it as they will also have a say in how the players are rated.
Just to pop some bullet points in here to make it less boring to read, these are the fundamental changes I propose (please note this will be an extra mode, ie difficulty if you like to keep the casuals happy, but I think even they will come around).

• The possibility of four divisions, still have not figured out yet how to populate these
• Start in a stadium limited to say 5k, either your created stadium (max 5k capacity) or one premade for this mode
• Stadium is sparsely populated and will remain so until you start winning games
• Crowds affect revenue, no longer win money for winning games
• Merchandise plays a part now as well, win more games, more shirts, scarves etc sold
• If players are playing well, scoring, assisting, high rating their value will rise
• Players from divisions above will not want to play for you
• Players priced like real life, Rooney is 80m, Ronaldo 80m, DJ Campbell 1m etc (more on how we monitor real life prices below)
• Live within your means, spend what you earn, if your wages are in the red, your chairman will kindly remove from any transfer budget you may have
• If you spend big and lose games, expect to be sacked
• If sacked apply for club at bottom and start again
• 15-20 season cycle, even if you make it to the top, you probably still cannot sign Messi, Rooney etc but can scout the next big thing and sign them young.
• The choice to buy players or improve your stadium, improving stadium will probably benefit in the long term but are you that patient?
• Choice to move to a new stadium if you have amassed a fortune
• Top players such as Rooney, Ronaldo, Messi will only ever move to a similar club, Inter, Man United, Real (not your team though as you do not have the prestige)
• No Overall Rating for players, just the spider charts and good old fashioned number crunching
• Once moving up divisions if you can afford them better players will come to you but beware as this could affect other players in the same positions form arrows temporarily
• If players do not see action, their form arrows are severely affected
• Use the same formation and other teams will suss it out through scouting, so you need to adapt constantly through formations or in game tactically
• Change clubs through job offers after considered success

PES 2012 – New Idea – Indoor Football

• 5 a side indoor football with a pitch like they use on Masters Football, ie goals sink into the boards

• Using classic retired players past the age of 35 or generated players so maybe no licensing to get around?

• Slow pace to the game – sprint button is disabled

• Reliance on first touch and control

• Passing to be short and slow – long pass is disabled

• Tackling to be light although sliding tackle will be enabled

• To ensure a slow pace the fencing will remove most of the sting from the ball

• AI assistance to help with automatic subs on tired players if needed

• 4 vs 4 online

• High scoring games, keepers to be a lot slower on shots they have to dive for but capable up close

• Emphasis on waiting for the opening with passing left to right always encouraged to open space

• No offsides