PES 2012 – Hopes and Dreams

Hello all and happy new year to you, apologies for neglecting the blog but hopefully I can post a little more now.

As you are aware I did have the chance to play PES 2011 early and post my impressions here, I was actually invited to a meeting to discuss PES 2012 back in September but sadly the meeting was cancelled, I still emailed the ideas to Jon Murphy though and he said he has fed that back to Japan HQ, please note it was a bit of a rush as I was only given a couple of days to think up some things so alot of the ideas required expanding on in the meeting, so just thought I would upload my initial thoughts based on the ML Beta, 4 Hours full game play and my experience of football and football games in general, as always happy to hear feedback.

PES 2012 – Gameplay Improvements

• New animation never done before in football games but quite common, the sidefoot volley lob, think Berbatov vs Chelsea Charity Shield 2010 (discuss in meeting how this would be triggered)

• Move for wingers or skilful attackers in the right situation to be able to first touch lift a bouncing ball over an opponent (discuss more in meeting)

• Less scissor kicks outside box

• Tweak player off the ball running to stop players standing still (but not implement a player run feature, discuss in meeting)

• More crossing animations, player specific, this could be done with Beckham etc in the older games, also more types of crosses, outside foot, driven

• Defenders to have more intelligence depending on who they are facing, back off Aaron Lennon so he doesn’t sprint past, force players onto their least preferred foot

• AI man marking your team, if you have a dangerman, like a Scholes, Arteta, Messi then the opposition would employ someone to stifle them

• Long passing by star players such as Fabregas, Scholes, Pirlo, Xavi, Iniesta to be more low, driven and pinpoint

• Important goals – team celebration rather than player, so the team will drag the player down to the ground and dive on him

• Be able to tweak your formation to a point where you advise how many players you would want to counter attack on a given move, think Germany with Ozil, Podolski, Muller all running in parallel

• Remove the Select (Back) and Button press to trigger tactics and make it more intuitive (discuss how in meeting)

PES 2012 – Graphical Additions

• The referees behind the goal on European matches

• Kits to become wet and muddy

• Camera men (Behind Goal) to follow action (not if it affects framerate)

• Crowd to become more interactive (example – when ball is out for corner cut scene shows 3-4 fans encouraging corner taker – or not being so nice)

• Subs warming up (possibly behind goal or always in corner only if it does not affect framerate)

• Ball boy behind goal (not all arenas) but will celebrate if home team scores

• Manager on sidelines – from the calm to the hyperactive

• Fans reaching out for players if celebrating near stands

• Stadiums to reflect the team popularity, ie Wigan, Blackburn, empty seats, Man United, Chelsea, full stadium

PES 2012 – Sound Additions

• More real time atmosphere – if you are losing or not creating chances the crowd is subdued, if you then fire off a shot which goes for a corner, expectations rise and crowd roar encouragement, playing poorly at home and only creating a couple of chances then the crowd boo at half time/full time, also if you lose or draw against a team ranked worse than you.
Crowd to appreciate tackles more by applauding them.
Crowds to be louder when there is a big cup game or an important game. (discuss more in meeting)
Muted away goal celebrations (discuss more in meeting)

• When an opposition player injures one of your players the home crowd will boo his every touch for either a period or the rest of the game, the crowd could also boo a player that dives or a referee that does not give a foul (the commentary could also point out the referee is getting stick), what could be possible is for crowds to also boo players from the start (discuss more in meeting)

• More localized goal celebrations, whether scoring a goal in England, Italy, Spain, Germany they all have different ways of roaring when a goal goes in.

• Stadium atmosphere to reflect the team playing in terms of how much do they sing, are they subdued until the team plays well (discuss more in meeting)

New Idea –

• From a offline gallery record upto 20 seconds (less in slow motion) and upload to the new in game interface

• You can rate the goals in terms of stars and browse these in terms of score

• Friends on your list can message you in this new interface to advise they have a new video for you to watch

• After an online game you can save the highlights to Hard Drive and record parts from that so as to not to delay a match or infuriate your opponent, this could really have some excellent bragging rights in the community

• Konami community representative or community itself to view the goals and decide on the goal of the month earning a prize

PES 2012 New Idea Master League Hardcore

The following would be massively appreciated by the “Hardcore” fans, a mode which will last them until the following release and they will appreciate it as they will also have a say in how the players are rated.
Just to pop some bullet points in here to make it less boring to read, these are the fundamental changes I propose (please note this will be an extra mode, ie difficulty if you like to keep the casuals happy, but I think even they will come around).

• The possibility of four divisions, still have not figured out yet how to populate these
• Start in a stadium limited to say 5k, either your created stadium (max 5k capacity) or one premade for this mode
• Stadium is sparsely populated and will remain so until you start winning games
• Crowds affect revenue, no longer win money for winning games
• Merchandise plays a part now as well, win more games, more shirts, scarves etc sold
• If players are playing well, scoring, assisting, high rating their value will rise
• Players from divisions above will not want to play for you
• Players priced like real life, Rooney is 80m, Ronaldo 80m, DJ Campbell 1m etc (more on how we monitor real life prices below)
• Live within your means, spend what you earn, if your wages are in the red, your chairman will kindly remove from any transfer budget you may have
• If you spend big and lose games, expect to be sacked
• If sacked apply for club at bottom and start again
• 15-20 season cycle, even if you make it to the top, you probably still cannot sign Messi, Rooney etc but can scout the next big thing and sign them young.
• The choice to buy players or improve your stadium, improving stadium will probably benefit in the long term but are you that patient?
• Choice to move to a new stadium if you have amassed a fortune
• Top players such as Rooney, Ronaldo, Messi will only ever move to a similar club, Inter, Man United, Real (not your team though as you do not have the prestige)
• No Overall Rating for players, just the spider charts and good old fashioned number crunching
• Once moving up divisions if you can afford them better players will come to you but beware as this could affect other players in the same positions form arrows temporarily
• If players do not see action, their form arrows are severely affected
• Use the same formation and other teams will suss it out through scouting, so you need to adapt constantly through formations or in game tactically
• Change clubs through job offers after considered success

PES 2012 – New Idea – Indoor Football

• 5 a side indoor football with a pitch like they use on Masters Football, ie goals sink into the boards

• Using classic retired players past the age of 35 or generated players so maybe no licensing to get around?

• Slow pace to the game – sprint button is disabled

• Reliance on first touch and control

• Passing to be short and slow – long pass is disabled

• Tackling to be light although sliding tackle will be enabled

• To ensure a slow pace the fencing will remove most of the sting from the ball

• AI assistance to help with automatic subs on tired players if needed

• 4 vs 4 online

• High scoring games, keepers to be a lot slower on shots they have to dive for but capable up close

• Emphasis on waiting for the opening with passing left to right always encouraged to open space

• No offsides


46 Responses to PES 2012 – Hopes and Dreams

  1. mano says:

    Dude, what about being bugfree for once and for all??!!?!?!

    – defensive A.I. and bad positioning makes defending frustrating
    – changing player is maybe the worst thing in the game
    – cheating online shouldn’t be possible
    – too many times an own goal in matches
    – keeper still not completely trustwortht

    Other aspects of the game should have a priority above your idears

    – shooting is still a bit too sensitive and helium like in times
    – chip over the keeper is too difficult and is based on luck
    – maybe for me the most important point of all: since pes 2010 there is a degree of luck involved. Pes2009 was purely about skill, 2010&2011 too often a match is decided by chance
    – It is all to transparent too that the game gives 1 side an advantage. Bad passing, last minute goals, ballooning shots.

    But you have good ideas though 🙂 but let them first perfection the game 🙂

    • pesevolves says:

      Hello, thanks for the reply, as I said In the first paragraph this was based on feedback based on ML Beta and four hours worth of play at Konami, so it was back in September this was passed on.

      Don’t worry I have encountered more issues since which I will go into on a later post.

  2. tim puryou says:

    i want that irans national team is in the game the iranien team is one of the best teams in asia better than uae and nya zeeland and aus

  3. G-fuss says:

    Die hard fans do not care about anything else but game play!! All the garbage about menus and transfers and leagues don’t mean a thing if the play on the pitch is not Winning Eleven Quality. The distraction of menus and such are causing us to lose the game we cherish!!! I bootlegged a Japanese version of Winning Eleven when it was not available in North America, and fumbled my way through the menus to get to a great game of football………………………I cant remember the last time i was really excited to play PES.
    I’m not sure what else to say ,they should change the title back to Winning Eleven. Copy the parameters from the 2007 game and make us all happy………i’m not sure how much longer i can continue to be disappointed. (dribbling and controlling is a mess)

  4. Pauldo says:

    Fistly id like to say how much of an improvement pes 2011 is on previous releases,I have to agree with G-fuss when he says about menus but not the transfers,I am one of those diehard fans who for years was content before online gaming to waste hours and hours on the Master League I loved it and still do,nothing like bringing your 16 and 17 year olds through the seasons to become worldbeaters,the gameplay is an improvement on recent installments but still have annoying faults,such as dodgy referees,endless offside replays,superfast forwards being caught by really slow defenders goalkeepers on diazipan,crowds chanting is still abysmal,the Form system makes very little sense players with blue or purple arrows more often than not,players not improving when out on loan for a season,would love to see the hardcore suggestions implemented would make the whole experience much better,so take the feedback on-board Seebass and get cracking.

  5. Lurf says:

    First off all you have some nice idea’s. I absolutely love PES 2011 and I hope PES 2012 will be the best soccer game ever. So here are my comments and whishes to make it so.
    -Players should be able to stray from certain paths. For example when I hit a through ball I cannot move my target player untill he reaches the calculated point of destination. This also happens when players run after a ball which goes over the sideline. You cannot stop them from doing that… and sometimes you touch the ball and the opposition gets a throw in. Which reminds me. The game often mistakenly gives the wrong team the throw in / goal kick / corner.
    -Direct passing sometimes doesn”t work. I have to control the ball before being allowed to pass.
    -Player selection can get really frustrating.
    -Better possibilities for cross passing. Less floating of the ball would help here. You can also see this with chipped through balls. They often take so long to come down that the defender is already there to take it. And if you manage to beat the defender to the punch the player often won’t control the ball correctly or cannot shoot at once.
    -Less replays! Often times these replays prevent quickly taking a free kick. Also in the highlights quite often replays from goals are missing…
    -Shooting feels a bit random. I get the player balance idea, but I don’t like not being able to consistently aim for a particular corner. Maybe it’s me I don’t know. Besides changing this I would therefore suggest an elaborate TURORIAL where the different aspects of the game are explained and can be practised.
    -Nerf the low cross, it’s kind of imbalanced!
    -When taking free kicks allow an easier way to select taker. Like via a trigger on a gamepad or another specific button.
    Change some of the really woody ball controlling animations. For instance when a defender controls the ball, does an elaborate turnaround, thrusts his leg back while the ball moves very far from his feet, leaving A LOT of opportunity for attackers to take the ball.
    -The ref should remember fouls and penalyse players later. So often I chop down a guy and don’t get a card because play moves on.
    -I don’t understand why the field doesn’t look better. We don’t really need 3D grass but how about some nice displacement mapping?
    -The nets don’t have shadows (or did I miss that?).
    -The shadow cast by some stadiums during late afternoon/evening play are kind of annoying. The box of 1 team gets too dark!
    Well I bet there more but this is all I can think of right now.

  6. Enrik says:

    its gone be PES 2012 for ps2???????????????????????????????

  7. tunizizou says:

    exellent ideas !
    Hope you have send this to J. Murphy or Konami dev team 🙂

  8. Naail says:

    I would love to see a become a ref mode!
    your goal would be to become the best ref!
    controls would be:-
    -L1(blow whistle for foul)
    -L2(red card)
    -R2(yellow card)
    -if you wait more than five seconds after blowing for foul without pressing L2/R2 you would give a warning
    -you can also cancel out offside decisions given by linesmen
    -their would be a world referee ranking system and you get points for being fair(the best ref would be selected for the ucl final , world cup etc)
    -you would be fined from football organisations if you dont play fair(if you run out of money it would be game over)
    -also add the option for being the referee in normal multi-player matches(it would be fun be to the ref for matches being played between friends)

  9. Gregor says:

    FIX Pes 2012 need

    – Animations must overlap, they must be smooth
    – AI
    – Ref
    – Goalkeepers and animations of defending
    – changing player
    – control of the ball with the and without (give me real 360 BC)
    – collisions with the ball reception (they are vety poor in Pes11

  10. Shawn says:

    You have got some great ideas my friend. I think the biggest things that konami needs to change is:
    1) the player switching is frustrating. Why would they make me a player that is chasing the ball rather than someone who is in front of the opposing players?
    2) players need to move off the ball. It is rather difficult to score when there are only 2 people leading the attack!!! There needs to be like 5 or 6 players like real life. Also when losing, more players should come up on attack.
    3) the defending has to be better. Sometimes i get completely outran even though i had a headstart and when i attempt to tackle, the computer just walks out of the way like there is no defense.

    Some minor things that majority of the pes population wants:

    1) better chants and atmosphere. The game needs to have life added to it
    2) edit boots mode like in winning eleven 2006
    3) players warming up, getting ready on sidelines

    Thanks for reading

  11. Ari says:

    What would give you a more soccer feeling is to add correct league table ,
    like if you play the Serie A you will have the score sheet from Serie A ,League table from Serie A while playing master league etc.
    And of course have the ability to edit those things for unlicened Leagues/Cups.
    Actually they must add more details for a more realistic game.
    But the gameplay is important too of course!

  12. manunk says:

    I used to be PES die hard fans, but I am very disapointed with the latest PES 2011, in which i turn to play FIFA 2011 :(. engineered for freedom is a lie, FIFA 11 has better 360 degree control and animation of the players, and their gameplay is equaly realistic as winning eleven series, elements which place FIFA as toddler game for years, but not anymore now. as a real football fans,we can easily say FIFA 11 beat PES11 this year. I believe many fans think the same way with the only improvement i want to see from PES 2012 is, real 360 degree control and animation, no more robotic turn 🙂

  13. Ankit Chaurasia says:


    I m a die hard fan of PES series……….and after playing PES 2011 it added more my attraction toward this game……as what i would like to see in PES 2012 will be ……………more licensed clubs, more realistic enviorement and chants……..just like when we watch any soccer game on television,………i just want to have it looks like more than real………….and last more and more licensed clubs just like in EA FIFA’s………if these two implementation can be make……….this could be more fun of playing………….best of luck to the PES developers…………..and thanks for giving us such kind of game……….LET’S MAKE THIS GAME EVEN MORE BETTER…

  14. SAM says:

    Make Your own leagues for example the English Leagues 2,1 and champonship 24 teams and a prem 20 teams but you can make your own players up, teams ,badges ,kits ,stadiums ,league name and so on all for for your own custom leagues. So pleae can you do this.

  15. perry says:

    What i would like to see in pes 2012 is better movement for defenders when crosses come in more players coming up for corners and freekicks.Ave the english teams with there proper names like instead of west london blue have chelsea.Have handballs the german league better training and harder tackling.I do like pes but fifa is better at the moment

  16. Nikki says:

    I agree on the first comment.

    – Changing players while nobody pushed the switch button.
    – Keepers have strange manouvers.
    – Players with a 1000% goal change manage to hit the ball so nasty that the commentator starts to yell: OMG that’s closer to the cornerflag.
    – Penalty’s, seriously? I can only score when I shoot straight through the middle.

    – I like the fact the Eredivisie players are being payd attention to.
    – Please make 2012 amazing! Were trusting on you!

  17. William VH says:

    I think alot of my ideas have already been said, but The master leaque is like the manager mode in fifa. And some of it works better in fifa. I just think that you should be able to do that part better. and the dribling!! 🙂

  18. SAM says:


  19. Micaiah says:

    No Overall Rating for players, just the spider charts and good old fashioned number crunching…

    Why why why! I think it should be added, it kinda gives you the edge of choosing the better player, and i like it.

  20. Micaiah says:

    In order to make the games realistic 1: The games needs to be slow but fast, meaning, sometimes teams slow down their game-play in order to take control of the game take Barca,Man u & others for eg. at times they move quickly with the ball and some times they just slow down the game and pass the ball around in the midfield.
    2: Konami seem br be able to make the most poplar players stats properly, what about the weaker teams and players?
    3: Is it possible for you all to work with (PSD) PesStatsDatabase and can their stats work properly in the game?
    4: Wingers tends to be tricky players and some time they hold up the balls just outside the box dribbling or just playing some 1-2 passes (slowing down of the game) before they cross the ball in reality, if the games is too fast we will not be able to do these moves in game.

  21. Micaiah says:

    Must be able to trade a player for another play…

  22. Micaiah says:

    Big Football game and no hands!

  23. shrty says:

    ❤ PES6 – best game ever ❤

  24. shrty says:

    ❤ PES6 – best game ever ❤

    AND ISS Deluxe, OFC!

  25. Jeroen says:

    I like your ideas regarding the masterleague but let them focus on the MLO instead of the offline version.
    For there they should add much more stats to the game.

    For example:
    – If i play an opponent which i played before i want to see earlier results
    – If i have bought a player and sell him and buy him back i want the stats continued (not started over from that particular player)
    – I want to know who is my best performing player based on the points the get after each game
    – i want to see my all overal topscorer, assister etc

    Further you’ll also find loads of good suggestions on the pesgamingforum with a simular topic.

    But your ideas regarding the empty and small stadiums i agree. Also add that feature online..

  26. Rofl says:

    i think they should try to get permission for all the teams.. kinda annoying when you have those fake names and you have to patch it..

  27. Lhasti says:

    It’s the shooting and dribbling that needs improving the most. All i care about is the gameplay! Anything else improved is a bonus but not a necessity. That 5-a-side football sounds like a brilliant idea aswell. Also the whole camera thing needs to be changed back. It makes dribbling down the by line and shooting from certain angles rediculously hard!

  28. mostafa fawzy says:

    We want tournaments more and I wish you add the Egyptian league for the game and I wish you would be able to deal in the Master League such as 2010 and be able to deal plans and tactics and you add more teams and I wish you add African Champions League and I wish you amend the form of cups and tournaments and you add the Bundesliga and the strongest other periodicals and perfect justice and making peace pen because it has become very difficult and you make the game more realistic and you add a property you agree to be the rule and I wish you concentrated more on the Master League
    Thank you

  29. aquiel says:




  30. Adam says:

    You’ve had almost exactly the same ideas as I did, so I’m glad your input is forwarded to Konami.

    There are 4 things you missed out, however:
    1) Goalkeepers – they blow hot and cold, never reliable or consistent. Sometimes it isn’t worth buying an expensive keeper, because they’re tremendously inconsistent.
    2) Referees – Two problems. Poor foul decisions (they pull back play after perfectly-timed tackles) and the lack of a proper advantage rule.
    3) Player-switching. The player-switch system ALWAYS switches between the wrong players, and when you’re defending, it’s frustrating trying to select a particular defender, whereas the game just incompetently switches between two other guys.
    4) Master league Online. This game mode is flawed, in that you can use the SAME 11 players foerever, and never rotate your squad. Injuries disappear at the end of the game, and suspensions don’t exist. This is annoying and needs to be fixed. I’m fed up of playing a “Barcelona” team with “Pospolidis, Ferernazi, Yesikov, etc” on the bench, and 11 Galacticos on the field.

  31. mayank says:

    plz include AFC Asian cup and league and improve replay quality.
    there are replays just after every miss or fouls.replays should be only after some near misses or some really harsh fouls.

  32. bivek says:

    i like pes very much but the thing that i donot like is there are no as many clubs as let’s fifa has.And the logo of club are not same

  33. Mark Bora says:

    in pes 12 i want them to try there hardest to license all the clubs because if fiaa can pes can its a good idea to do this because it will have team emblems kits etc

  34. Mark Bora says:

    in pes 12 i want them to try there hardest to license all the clubs because if fifa can pes can its a good idea to do this because it will have team emblems kits etc

  35. thespeedster84 says:

    Seen some of the ideas are implemented in PES 2012.. like your ideas mate. Are you still running the blog ?

    • pesevolves says:

      Hello, thanks for the comments, I would love to update the blog but Konami seem to have closed their doors on me, if there is a MLO Beta this year and if I am successful in applying I will update some umpressions then, they have not even replied to me asking for the beta codes to be distributed amongst fan sites this year as last year the Beta was dead after a week, hard to find a game.

  36. Mark says:

    Make an easy way to upload your goals, highlights etc to facebook and youtube, nice and simple! Players to have brains would be nice when you go to clear the ball in 2011 sometimes they decide they want to stand right in front of you! Keepers need to improve there palming out of the ball, it goes back towards the strikers a lot, Emirates stadium would be nice being a gooner lol!!

  37. pes is so good and lively but the commentry aspert of it is encorranging.
    pls if something can be than about it l will be very are far
    better of than fifa in graphics but sound and commentry is bad.pls if
    something is than to it most people will like the game very well.this is my

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