Absence Just Makes The Heart Grow

Well, it is that time of year again, frantically checking for news, bootleg footage of gameplay, basically anything to get the hype going again.

I assume you have all seen the official videos of 2012 and maybe some not so official videos, I am not an official PES blog or even a news outlet for all things Pro Evo so I won’t post them here, like to basically have a place for discussion and opinion to help the days go faster until release.

I suppose I can talk about the videos though, one thing that hit me straight away was the loose look of the control, the instant sharp turns that did not seem possible without holding the right trigger last year, what was worrying especially from the bootleg footage was the ease in which some less skilled players in real life seemed a bit too easy to manouvre, a bit too skillful, to me it looked as if the famous ‘individuality’ may have been compromised to give a more appealling nature to those who just like to play football games ratjer than live to play these games.

Goalkeepers causing concern, for that I say ask the Greyhound team how they resolved even worse issues with their superior and sublime Wii game last year.

Now look back through the blog and you will see my reaction to FIFA’s run trigger function, in short I hated it, it is now in PES, in short, I still hate it.

The run trigger function is not optional either, it is in there, it is a temptation to use it when needing a goal, it would feel like cheating for me, when I mentioned this to someone who is management level at Konami I was told my reasoning was daft, fair point, let me say why though I hate it.

I love Pro Evo, I love jubilation of scoring a goal, I love shouting at the screen, I hate shouting at the screen, I love the unpredictability of the AI and hate it, I love knowing that the reason Ordaz and Huylens are not making runs or playing centre forward properly is because they are simply crap, their movement is crap and I need to struggle through to the first transfer window and try to gain enough points to buy somebody less crap who can do a half season job until the next transfer window.

What this one function does for me however is remove all that and possibly give the unfair advantage for a terrible player to possibly react faster than the defensive AI, this is all speculation by me until we see how this is reacted to but at the moment I hate it, I want my tactics, subs and player/team AI to decide who scores a goal, not a cheap trigger.

Same goes for the new Active AI that has been implemented, again it looks great but does my team always overlap or just certain players with that particular player card, is it my tactics? The tactics were deep in 2011 and played out well, but for me I could not get my players to make runs efficiently without leaving too much space, many have played it longer than me though and assure me it is deeper than that, I switched to the Wii version as you have read previously and still play that after eight months, congratulations on being the first game since PES6 to achieve that.

Look forward to your opinions on this.